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Guy Oliver-Watts
corporate & roleplay cv  


Acting is my profession and my vocation.

Illumination of  character and clear communication of words and intent are the currencies I trade in. 

Over the last 10 years I have gained an incredible insight into how these skills, combined with improvisation, role-play, forum theatre, hot seating and many more, can vividly illustrate learning points and help make the abstract, tangible.

I enjoy employing the skills and techniques I have aquired as a communicator in the theatre and on screen to facilitate learning in other worlds.



NPSA National Patient Safety Agency: Gold Standard 'Being Open' Workshop.  A nationwide initiative, training clinicians who may be required to have open and frank discussions with patients and/or carers who have been involved in a patient safety incident, using role play scenarios, forum theatre and interactive feedback.
St. George’s Mental Health Trust: Training many levels of nursing and management best practise. Playing patients with mental illnesses including suicidal, schizophrenic and violently psychotic. Using role-play and techniques such as hot seating, forum theatre and voicing character’s inner monologue.
Simulated Patients and OSCE’s: (Objective Structured Clinical Examination):  Simulated patient for variously experienced medical students for  St George’s, St. Mary’s, St. Bartholomew’s, Charring Cross and Chelsea & Westminster hospitals. Consistency of performance is essential when seeing up to 40 candidates a day.
Member of The Royal College of Physicians – PACE examination:
Simulated patient on 20 minute stations to facilitate the demonstration in a clinical setting of  the knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate for a physician who is eligible to take the MRCP(UK) Part 2 Clinical Examination (PACES) and is completing Core Medical Training (CMT).
Physician Assistant Selection--St. Georges Medical School.  Assessing applicants for the physician assistant training programme, using interviews and detailed feedback.

The Police: ​High level interview courses.
Suspect interviewee for detectives in 8 home county constabularies for myriad of offences including: murder, rape, armed robbery, drug & people trafficking, serious assault and grievous bodily harm.  Providing detailed feedback and highlighting learning points to enable interviewers growth and development. 
Witness interviewee, including contingency training for serious events.


The Serious Organized Crime Agency:
Part of a team of selected role players playing various members of serious organised criminal gangs and their victims. Role–play and providing detailed feedback.

Ministry Of Defence: 
Training military police in various aspects of their role from conducting property searches to conducting interviews. Role–play and providing detailed feedback.


Local Government:

Social Services:​  Approved social worker courses Surrey County Council &  Hampshire County Council. Role playing vulnerable adults and providing detailed feedback.

Waste management: Training Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council staff using forum theatre and character monologues to highlight learning points.


H.M. Prison Service: 

Working in various prisons including Wandsworth, Nottingham and Leicester helping to train wardens how to manage seriously disturbed inmates.

Phillips Electronics: 

International tour including New York & Paris presenting and demonstrating cutting edge prototype technology to VIP audiences.

Channel Tunnel Rail Link: 

Facilitating the selection of new employees using forum theatre and role-play.



Providing various challenges including interview for the assessing of job applicants for operational, security, senior management and executive management positions.


London Probation Trust:

Playing their chief court witness before an adjudicating panel for the assessment of London's Probation Prosecutors.  Consistency of delivery imperative for the fair assessment of the candidate and their career within the organisation.


Rail Accident Investigation Bureau (RAIB):

Interviewee for various scenarios to facilitate the training of investigators in the gathering of evidence and the management of complications inherent when investigating accidents and dealing with victims and relatives.


and many more......

Work experience

2010 - present

2010 - present

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